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Know more about NexStem Apps
Know more about NexStem Apps

The AthenaOS comes with pre-installed NexStem Apps for headset management and EEG analysis. Lets Deep dive into it

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NexStem Instinct offers a range of powerful applications that harness the potential of brain-computer interface technology. In this blog, we will take a closer look at each app's features and functionalities, highlighting how they enable users to visualize, analyze, manage, and create with EEG data.

Stream App: Real-Time EEG Visualization and Analysis

The Stream App provides real-time visualization and analysis of EEG data, empowering users to gain valuable insights. Key features of the Stream App include:

  • Real-time Streaming: Visualize EEG data as it is captured, enabling immediate analysis and interpretation.

  • Graphs and Plots: Create FFT plots, time series plots, bandpower plots, and spectrograms to explore and understand brainwave signals.

  • Real-time Filtering: Apply filters to incoming data in real-time, allowing precise control over the analyzed signals.

  • Recording and Playback: Capture both raw and filtered data for further analysis or export. Play back recorded data to revisit specific moments in the stream.

  • Real-time Markers and Notes: Capture important insights and observations during the streaming session using real-time markers and note-taking features.

  • Customizability: Adapt the Stream App to support visualization and processing of various bio-signals, making it a versatile tool for different applications.

Headset Manager App: Control and Monitor Hardware Configuration

The Headset Manager App provides comprehensive control over the NexStem Instinct headset's hardware configuration. Explore the following features:

  • Hardware Configuration: Adjust settings such as sampling rate, amplification factor, and channel selection to optimize data collection.

  • Real-time Hardware Metrics: Monitor crucial headset metrics, including CPU temperature, storage usage, and battery life, ensuring proper functionality and accurate data collection.

  • Electrode Position Adjustment: Manually adjust the position of electrodes based on real-time impedance values, optimizing the quality of contact between electrodes and the scalp.

  • Automatic Adjustments: Enjoy automatic adjustments that can be tailored to the user's head shape and size, ensuring consistent and precise measurements.

  • Real-time Headset Positioning: Track the real-time position of the headset relative to the user's head, aiding in proper positioning during data collection.

Companion App: Enhancing the User Experience

The NexStem Companion App complements the Instinct headset by offering a seamless user experience. Discover its features:

  • Device Setup: Simplify device onboarding and setup, including Wi-Fi connection configuration.

  • System Metrics: View important system metrics directly from the app, providing insights into the headset's performance.

  • Manual Motor and Electrode Control: Adjust motor and electrode settings manually through the app's intuitive interface.

  • Open-Source Customization: Leverage the open-source nature of the companion app to build customized solutions for your specific use cases.

App Hub: Distribution and Monetization of Bio-Signal Applications

The App Hub serves as a hosting platform, facilitating the distribution and monetization of bio-signal applications built using the WisdomSDK. Explore its capabilities:

  • Application Publishing: Easily upload and publish bio-signal applications, specifying any necessary dependencies.

  • Discoverability: Allow users to discover and download relevant applications through the App Hub's user-friendly interface.

  • App Management and Updates: Seamlessly manage and update applications, adding new features and addressing bugs.

  • Monetization Options: Monetize applications through sales or subscription models, utilizing the secure and scalable infrastructure provided by the App Hub.

Experiment App: Designing and Recording Research Experiments

The Experiment App empowers researchers to design and record experiments, facilitating data collection and analysis. Key features include:

  • Experiment Design: Create and edit experiments with an intuitive interface, designing tasks and stimuli presentation.

  • Real-time Data Recording: Record data in real-time during experiments, enabling immediate analysis and visualization.

  • Customizable Conditions: Define conditions for experiments, including stimuli variations, randomization, and feedback.

  • Collaboration and Progress Tracking: Collaborate with team members, share experiments, and track project progress within the app.

BCI Pipeline Studio: Custom BCI Pipeline Creation

The BCI Pipeline Studio allows developers and researchers to create custom BCI pipelines using pre-built or custom blocks. Explore its functionalities:

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Easily build complex BCI pipelines by dragging and dropping blocks.

  • Machine Learning Integration: Train machine learning models using recorded data and powerful BCI-based ML algorithms.

  • Data Preparation and Visualization: Simplify data preparation and feature engineering, visualizing data within the interface.

  • Stream Data Output: Stream processed data and inference results to external devices or applications using various protocols.

bciSpeller: Enhancing Communication for Cerebral Palsy Patients

The bciSpeller app revolutionizes communication for individuals with Cerebral Palsy, leveraging brain-computer interface technology. Discover its features:

  • Spelling with Brainwaves: Enable patients to spell messages using their brainwave signals.

  • On-Screen Keyboard: Select letters and words from an on-screen keyboard by focusing attention on the desired option.

  • Improved Communication: Provide an alternative communication method for patients with limited mobility or communication abilities.

The NexStem apps offer a rich ecosystem of tools and functionalities that unlock the full potential of brain-computer interface technology. Whether you are visualizing live EEG data, managing hardware configurations, conducting research experiments, or creating custom BCI pipelines, NexStem apps empower users to explore, innovate, and make meaningful advancements in brain-computer interface applications.

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