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NexStem Instinct: Beta vs Release version explained
NexStem Instinct: Beta vs Release version explained
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The NexStem Instinct Headset has gone through a beta phase before its official release version. While both versions share the same hardware capabilities, there are notable differences between the beta and release versions in terms of features, stability, app availability, monetization options, and more. In this blog, we will provide a basic introduction to the beta and release versions of the NexStem Instinct Headset and present a comparison table highlighting their key distinctions.

Beta Version:

The beta version of the NexStem Instinct Headset is an early iteration of the device that enables users to experience its core functionalities. It features manual adjustable electrodes, which require users to manually adjust the positioning of the electrodes for optimal contact with the scalp. This is done via the Headset Manager App. It includes first-party NexStem apps such as Stream, Headset Manager, and Companion App, which provide essential functionalities but have limited features compared to the release version. The WisdomAPI + WisdomSDK in the beta version have minimum functionalities, including operators and features, and offer a smaller selection of research algorithms. Monetization options are not available for developers, and kernel updates need to be manually installed. The beta version is priced at $1800, reflecting its developmental stage and limited feature set.

Release Version:

The release version of the NexStem Instinct Headset represents the refined and improved version of the device. It introduces auto adjustable electrodes, eliminating the need for manual adjustment and providing a more comfortable and consistent fit for users. The release version is designed to be less prone to bugs and fixes, offering enhanced stability and reliability. In addition to the first-party apps available in the beta version (Stream, Headset Manager, and Companion App), the release version includes additional apps such as BCI Studio, Experiment App, and the App Hub, providing users with a more comprehensive and diverse range of functionalities. The WisdomSDK in the release version offers expanded functionalities, including more operators and features, and a broader selection of research algorithms. Developers can now monetize their BCI applications through the App Hub, unlocking revenue opportunities. Automatic kernel updates simplify the process of keeping the device up to date with the latest software improvements and enhancements.

Comparison Table:

Beta Version

Release Version

Electrode Adjustable Type

Manual Adjustable through Headset Manager App

Auto Adjustable


Prone to bugs and fixes

Less Prone to bugs and fixes

First-Party Apps

Stream, Headset Manager, Companion App

Stream, Headset Manager, Companion App, BCI Studio, Experiment App, App Hub


Minimum functionalities

More functionalities


Not available

App Hub monetization available

Kernel Updates

Manual installation

Automatic updates




Headset Material Mould

Vacuum Casted

Vacuum Casted (More fine finish)

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